Monday, February 19, 2007

Great Career Ideas!

Well I have known I am due for a new job venture very soon as I have been getting impatient with the progress in paying my debt down. While I will still focus on smaller internet ventures, I have been thinking of taking on a 2nd job. I went out to lunch with my mother the other day, who has a really good financial situation lets just say (I am definetly one of those kids who grew up accustomed to a certain lifestyle and this is partly what led me to having a lot of debt). Anyway she knew of someone who does title work in Texas. Apparently you can make tons of money by doing title and mineral searches for the Big Oil companies. It is not a stable field but it is very highly paying while it lasts! Also you have to do a lot of drudge work of going to municipal courts and looking up records from many generations ago, to find out who has title to other aspects of the land besides just the dirt on top. Like oil rights and mineral and well rights. I spoke with a woman who does this currently and she really likes her job. She warned there are a lot of upfront costs that you will only get reimbursed for later, like hotel fees when you are traveling around Texas for these records. I decided this is not for me because I am not in the position to pay a lot of upfront costs like that, nor am I to pick up and leave to Texas. I wouldn't have posted it here if I had decided to pursue it because the jobs are not plentiful right now, it is a down period for the oil companies apparently. I did think about it for a while though.

I am not going to include any links about this type of job because I was given inside information by a friend of the family and I do not want to disrespect her by giving any more information than I already have. Maybe someone can find this info on this blog, and do more legwork for themselves. If you do, good luck and please post back your findings!


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