Thursday, February 22, 2007

High Cell Phone Bills

Well I just received one of those $130 phone bills from Verizon. Seriously, I have paid them so, so much over the years. What is wrong with me. Why do I do everything to excess? Can I take a crash course on self-discipline somewhere? Maybe that way I won't buy a cell phone game or new ring tones anymore. Plus you know, I think I used some of that for directions to job interviews and stuff so thats not that bad now that I think about it. You have to pay like $3.00 to use their Verizon Navigation System and once in a while I will need to use it for something. Maybe when I am an appraiser I should subscribe to it actually so I can find my way places. Or learn to use a map hardy-har!

This bill was also high because I went over my 400 minutes by 100. Sigh. I just hope cell phones don't cause cancer. There should have been a cell phone rep in the movie "Thank You For Smoking".

I can't wait to take these classes though. I am gonna sign up for them tomorrow, I am also shadowing my appraiser person that I know on an appraisal appointment tomorrow so that will be a learning experience. I hope I can find some people who will let me be their apprentice! I already have one part-time offer so thats great. They will probably only be able to throw me a few once in a while, though, which is still very much appreciated!

I also have an interview scheduled for 9 am tomorrow morning to become a substitute teacher. This was something I was thinking about doing in the Fall but they finally got my papers from the state that I submitted in November! I am not sure if I want to do that anymore but it is worth going to the interview I suppose, I don't want to burn my bridges.


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