Friday, February 23, 2007

More Classes and Education

I signed up for my Appraiser courses today. I also shadowed my appraiser 'friend' on one of her appraisals. She knows someone else who might be willing to sponsor me, so now I have three potential supervisors! Yay! I will be rolling in it soon enough. I can't help but envision the things I will buy once my debt is paid off. Bad idea, I know, cause then there will be culinary school and a new car that needs buying. But let me just indulge myself with what I would buy:
- a massage chair
- mani's and pedi's every week
- my hair done every 6 weeks
- new clothes that fit nice and aren't faded
- a new sofa for my living room
- a kitchen table

I am not materialistic, really I am not. I haven't bought a new article of clothing for myself in years! The only thing I can remember buying, the entire year, were 2 shirts at Target, one shirt for my Christmas party, and a pair of gym shoes. Not that horrible, right?

So anyway, I also had my substitute teaching interview today and that went great also. My interviewer was sooo nice and encouraging about trying different careers out in life. I loved her. I am going to try being a teacher's aide next week! Woo hoo I am going to be trying so many different things!


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Michael Alapaki said...

A couple of tips, obvious but overlooked:
First, don't spend more than your take home pay.
Second, pay off your highest interest rate card first, and pay minimum's on all the others.
Third: if you must drink wine, make it wine coolers.
Fourth: you're nowhere near bankrupt. Don't even think about it at this point. What you can do, though, is call the credit card company and ask them to put you on a special program: 0% interest, no late fees, and you promise not to use your card while you pay off the balance (at no interest). This will not hurt your credit rating, and will allow you to get out of debt much faster. Just be honest with them and they'll work with you.
Good luck